Visits – Terms & Conditions

This applies to Therapy Husky Visits only

Thank you for booking to come and see the Therapy Huskies, we only have a few ground rules to ensure you have a happy, safe visit and for you to be able to get the most out of your session with them.

  1. No more than 3 people can attend, so 2 adults one child, 1 adult 2 children, 3 adults.
  2. No one under 18 can attend without an adult present.
  3. Arrive five minutes before your appointment, so if your appointment is 1pm please park on the drive at 12:55, one of us will come out and greet you. If you are late for your appointment it may have to be cut short as there could be someone else following your time slot. We have to ensure we have enough time to clean down and make ready for the visit.
  4. Please respect our property and keep a close eye on your children, the Therapy Huskies are dogs who have feelings and if poked, pulled or physically hurt in any way you will be asked to leave immediately. The Therapy Huskies have never bitten anyone BUT if injured or provoked they are capable.
  5. You will see a clock in the therapy room, we will from time-to-time check this and inform you of time remaining, we try not to run over the hour but realise a few minutes extra can sometimes be of immense benefit.
  6. Tea and Coffee is available BUT please be aware the dogs may try have a lick of what you have so please be aware and hold your cup away from them.
  7. Treats etc will be provided for you to give the Therapy Huskies, they are on pretty strict diets so we have specific branded treats that we know won’t upset their delicate tummies.
  8. Fur… Please be aware there will be lots of fluff and fur flying during your visits, it’s the nature of Woolly Siberian Huskies to shed their coats every day of the year. We can’t fully claim they are hypoallergenic but have many recommendations by people who severe allergies to dog fur who state it hadn’t affected or triggered a reaction. We can send a sample of fur if required to test before your visit, however we cannot guarantee you will not have a reaction so please bear this in mind when booking.
  9. Pictures… You are quite welcome to take as many pictures and videos as you like, we ask if we can take pictures to use on the Therapy Huskies social media platforms, if this is something you don’t want to happen please make us aware at the time of your visit. We only promote happiness and well-being.
  10. We wish you the very best time with the Therapy Huskies, if there is anything at all we can do to improve your experience please make us aware during your visit, we will try our very best to accommodate.
  11. We ask that after your experience you visit the Therapy Huskies Facebook page and leave a positive review about your time here, this will help encourage others to come and have a similar experience and you may be helping someone on their way to recovery by doing so.