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A therapy experience like no other

Welcome to Therapy Huskies. If you’re considering visiting us, we’ve compiled some useful information below to help you make the most from our time together. If you have any more questions, we’d be only too happy to help. Please ensure you read and agree to our T’s & C’s before booking

Maximum 3 persons per booking

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Thank you so much for visiting this page to book an experience like no other.

You will be welcomed by Adrian & Claire into their beautiful home by the sea in the hidden gem of a town called Hornsea.

Your experience begins with an introduction to each of the Huskies and what their speciality is, a welcoming cup of tea or coffee for adults and juice for children, we don’t allow foods to be in the room as the Huskies are food trained for part of their work and can sniff out a treat a mile away, this can distract them from doing their job. Maximum 3 persons per booking

Adrian will make you feel very welcome, he has an amazing calming effect, he is well known for his comforting manner and will have you feeling at ease straight away. During your visit you may want to talk about things that are maybe distressing to you, please don’t worry, anything said is strictly between us and will never be repeated unless you ask for help.  Adrian has many contacts that if he feels unable to help, he can help you find the right person to assist you better. The only time anything is repeated out of the room is if it is of a criminal nature, terrorism, immediate harm to yourself or others.

When you’re with the Therapy Huskies you will feel extremely spiritual and may find yourself crying, this is encouraged as it breaks the barriers between us and enables the honest you to come out. We often all end up on the floor with the dogs and children have sometimes slept for the whole time with a head on one of the team while we chat with the parents.

Children who come with parents always leave envigored and with a newfound confidence that will see them flourish in their daily life, we have had amazing results with autism, selective mute, Asperger’s and much more. Children often select which of the team they feel most comfortable with, we let them make their own choice and encourage them to lay with them while here.

Bereavements, mental health and well-being are things we come into contact daily with our work so please don’t be afraid to ask for help, we have a wealth of experience and although we may not have all the answers we can certainly help with coping through empathy, understanding and aiding you to find a practical solution moving forward.

A little about where you will be coming.

If you have never been to Hornsea it is a peaceful  little town with some 8,000 residents, it has a Blue Flag beach, quaint promenade and has a towering Victorian folly, Hornsea is a quintessential British seaside resort. Once well known for its pottery production, the town is now home to Yorkshire’s largest freshwater lake which boasts over 250 species of birds and plenty of opportunities for sailing and fishing. A beach walk is a must after your visit to unwind and reflect on your experience with the family. There are several fish and chips shops and we would recommend you sample some of the best the shops have to offer. In town there are a few restaurants and coffee shops as well as lovely craft and clothes shops.

You are quite welcome to leave your car on our drive and take the 5 minute walk to the beach and town centre, there is FREE parking at Morrow Avenue car park which is situated at the beach if you would prefer, there are public toilets built into Huckleberry’s kiosk along the promenade.

Nothing is guaranteed in life but we do make sure you leave us with a new found love of the Therapy Huskies and 2 new friends in Adrian & Claire, love and friendship is a great healer and combined with the amazing soulful spirits of the Therapy Huskies you will be able to move forward in your struggles.

You may have noticed we don’t call them DOGS, this is for a very good reason and why when you leave you won’t call them that either, they are living, breathing fur covered spirits, sent here to help as many as they can. They are Stormy, Thunder, Thor and Binny Boo and they will love you X

12 reviews for Therapy Huskies Home Visit

  1. Kim

    Absolutely amazing experience being with the Therapy Huskies and Adrian….
    To say they helped both John & I is an understatement to the extreme
    We came away from the therapy room feeling as though a weight had been lifted.
    We may only has lost a dog to some but Bertie was and always will be my baby
    Thank you Adrian and your beautiful Wolves for helping with our heartache
    Kim xxx

  2. Alexandra

    I got the pleasure of meeting Thunder on Friday and he is the most loving, clever boy I’ve ever known, he brought out my emotions and gave the best cuddles, would highly recommend, absolutely adorable and amazing, he knew I needed some help when I didn’t quite know myself Alexandra

  3. Rhiannon

    Wow! What an experience with Thunder and his amazing owner! Lots of tears, both happy & sad but wouldn’t change the experience for anything! Such as amazing dog with talents that literally had us gobsmacked .. all these reviews are spot on, can’t thank this service enough or recommend! Rhiannon

  4. Louise

    Just had the most wonderful hour with Adrian and Thunder at Pinderfields Hospital. Thunder you are a star I feel so humble to have had the pleasure of meeting you today and hearing about all the wonderful work you do to help give comfort to end of life patients as well as the incredible work you do within the wider community and with schools. Hugging you today gave me great comfort and happiness. Thank you for being you Louise

  5. Angela

    what a fantastic visit, which had me in tears. thunder is the most beautiful animal I have ever met. I feel privileged. they say Angel’s aren’t always in heaven with wings. I know one who is fur lined with the biggest heart, down here comforting people at the most vulnerable times. today has really changed something in me. sending massive fury hugs! thank you adrian for bringing thunder in to meet us. you are both brilliant x Angela

  6. Megan

    Thunder is the most exceptional dog I’ve ever met!! Adrian brings him to the hospital every week and we are lucky enough that our office is his collection point so we always get to see his face. Back at the beginning of September Thunder walked into the office came straight up to me and started rubbing his head on my leg and howling (which he never does) and Adrian said jokingly “oh you must be pregnant”. I thought to myself “nope absolutely not, can’t be!!” 4 weeks later and with that moment cemented in my mind, I thought I ought to do a test, and there it was clear as day ‘pregnant’. Working out the dates that means Thunder knew when I was not even 1 week.
    Wow, I couldn’t believe it. Thunder is a force of nature and truly amazing Megan

  7. Becks

    I cannot even put into words how amazing all four huskies are, we have ALL fallen in love with them! Seeing the smiles and hearing the excitement from everyone was beautiful today. Claire and Adrian you do such an amazing job and couldn’t have asked for two nicer people, you should be proud. We most certainly will be seeing you all again! Becks x

  8. Sarah Hinchcliffe

    Finally met Thunder today and what a truly amazing and inspirational character he is. Just having him in the office for an hour made such a difference and really relaxed everyone. Lots of lovely emotional stories from Adrian, had a few teary eyes in there. To get a hug and a kiss from Thunder was the best thing ever and hopefully one day we can meet the whole family. You guys are awesome xx

  9. Jane

    A fab visit with thunder and lots of lovely cuddles. Was lovely to hear about all the work he does. Such a special animal. Thank you Adrian and Thunder.

  10. Laura

    Throughly enjoyed Thunder the therapy dog coming to see us today at the Rotherham foundation trust. He’s such a fantastic dog. He gives the best hugs! It was the best surprise ever, so glad I finally got to meet him. So thank you from one therapist to another!

  11. John Potts

    Visited these beautiful huskies yesterday and what a lovely experience it was. If you get the chance to meet them, make sure you do. You’ll remember the day forever. If you visit them at their home, don’t miss a visit to Hornsea which has a lovely seafront and all the usual lovely seaside tranquilments. Hope to see my new friends again some day.hope

  12. Amy

    Amazing experience with Adrian and the therapy huskies. We really enjoyed spending time with them and hearing about the work they do which was very inspiring. We left feeling so calm and enjoyed a walk around Hornsea afterwards. We have some lovely memories and photos and would highly recommend the experience. Thank you 🙂

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