Thunder and the Stray

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Book 1 of the series.

On the way to meet his friends, Thunder the Husky meets a Collie named Cally who is down on her luck. Can he help change her life for the better? On this, Thunders first adventure in the series “Thunder And….” you will get to meet the most amazing Husky ever, he is so beautiful, tender, caring and loving, and best of all…..He’s REAL

If you would like a dedication in the book from Thunder, please remember to write up what you would like when on the address page of checking out.

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On the way to meet his friends, Thunder the Husky meets a Collie named Cally who is down on her luck. Can he help change her life for the better? On this, Thunders first adventure in the series “Thunder And….” you will get to meet the most amazing Husky ever, he is so beautiful, tender, caring and loving, and best of all…..He’s REAL

If you would like a dedication in the book from Thunder, please remember to write up what you would like when on the address page of checking out.

56 reviews for Thunder and the Stray

  1. lesleysoot

    This book is a delight! Colourful illustrations to capture children’s imagination, an engaging story with simple life lessons, and of course Thunder’s beautiful face throughout. Highly recommended for all the kids in your life, big or little!

  2. Kath Potts (verified owner)

    I bought the book for nieces, nephew and a friend’s grandchildren .
    I have just read it and it is delightful – the story, the illustrations . A lovely gift xx

  3. Louise Sugars (verified owner)

    A truly wonderful story full of important messages about being kind and thinking of others. Full of great characters, beautiful pictures and fun activities along the way. Looking forward to the next book. Was even dedicated to my daughter which was a lovely thought. Thank you. Xxx

  4. Carol Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Beautiful book about beautiful dogs easy to read and understand but puts across an important message fabulous illustrations I loved reading it

  5. Emma Heeley

    What a fantastic book! A great moralistic tale about the life of Thunder and his pals. The book is engaging, entertaining and even brought a bit of a tear to my eye at the end (I’m a sucker for a happy ending!).
    Loved the fact that it was set in my hometown of Barnsley but it doesn’t deter from the story if you don’t know those places.
    My kids loved the story and asked if their Christmas book this year could be one about Thunder and Santa Claus!
    A brilliant first book and we look forward to the next in the series!

  6. Viv Herbert (verified owner)

    A wonderful story with many positive messages, beautifully written and fabulously illustrated. I bought for nephews and nieces and my friend who is a teacher to share with her class. I couldn’t put it down myself. Thunder is an inspiration. Looking forward to the next one ❤️

  7. Cate Brock (verified owner)

    Got this book so we could support Therapy Huskies as much as we can. It’s a really good story, it’s funny, lots of positive messages & it’s teaching children to be kind, thoughtful ,but also to stay safe. Adrian is a very cleaver man.

  8. Pam Dimond

    A really wonderful book. A brilliant story giving the right messages to children. I loved the illustrations and the added game of “find the bones”, and the colouring page. The added extra of being able to get your own message from Thunder is lovely and makes the book personal. Brilliant!

  9. Amy Welburn (verified owner)

    A wonderful book, packed with lovely illustrations and an amazing story! What a great way to teach children to be kind and helpful to others, my youngest was so excited to receive his copy which we will treasure for a lifetime, we love the therapy huskies and follow their stories and travels, we can’t wait for further stories! Well done Claire and Adrian (Thunder and the gang!) for helping my child to engage in reading (finding the bones too!), for creating this book and everything you do. Makes me emotional! Highly recommend to all ages, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you xx

  10. louise fyfield (verified owner)

    My two girls really enjoyed me readying this book as mine fell a sleep at the end she end joued it that much bless her we carnt wait for next one

  11. Ann Owens (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself ( I’m 70)and it was wonderful to read. Can’t wait for the next one. Well done everyone I loved it.

  12. June Jones (verified owner)

    A lovely book, the illustrations and story are beautiful, can’t wait to read it to my 2 year old Granddaughter who loves her husky Milo like a brother.

  13. katie eccles

    This book is amazing not only have I had the pleasure of meeting thunder I now get to read this to my children that love to here what thunder has been up to on his adventures its such a lovely read with all colourful pictures to go with it absolutely love it and can’t wait for next one xx

  14. Gemma Deakin

    Received our book today and we couldn’t wait to read it. What a fantastic story, can honestly say it’s now one of our favourites. We can’t wait for more of Thunders Adventures and will be investing in more stories to give to our friends xx

  15. Jane Shaw (verified owner)

    great book, bright and cheerful illustrations and a good story. Great gift for kids at Christmas.

  16. Kathryn Raw (verified owner)

    Got the book this morning and read it all ready, can’t wait to give it to my granddaughter when she visits. She will love colouring the pictures in. Looking forward to more books in the collection for her.

  17. Gail Carter (verified owner)

    My books arrived (2 ordered, one for me and the other for my students) today and I have just taken time to read it. An amazing story, fantastic art work and a brilliant way to teach important life skills by Thunder who is just a hero! I cannot wait till the next book release!

  18. Vicki Roberts

    I can honestly say that this is 1 of the best books I’ve seen in a long time.
    I’ve been buying books & reading them on video chat to my little 4 year old granddaughter over lock down to keep are special time with each other and we both really loved this one. Some of the books I’ve been buying have taken ages to get here but Thunder and the stray was delivered with in 2 days. I would 100% recommend this book 😁🐺

  19. Joan Hudson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this book. Bought it for a grandchild but just had to read it myself. A lovely story and well illustrated, most enjoyable. Looking forward to the next book in collection. Thank you.

  20. illingworth, deborah (verified owner)

    Awesome book. A real heartwarming read. Thunder is setting a good example to children, adults and dogs everywhere. He really is the biggest sweetie pie, being so helpful while hes out and about on his travels. Especially helping Kate with her shopping trolley, my dogs would have probably just eaten the contents. Lovely pictures and excellent quality. I need to read this to my dogs a few more times, Thunder could teach them a thing or two. Im sure this will be a hit! And I hope you sell many many more in the collection. Your Huskies would be very proud.
    Thank you
    Debbie, Nero and Vinnie xx

  21. Janice Hyde (verified owner)

    What a wonderful book for children to read themselves or even better to read together with our grandchildren.
    A lovely story that also reinforces the caring and kindness messages to others combined with wonderful illustrations…a delightful book. And thank you for the special Thunder dedications for my grandchildren too as was much appreciated by them!

  22. Michelle Friedemann

    This is such a great book for children. Lovely illustrations and a wonderful story teaching us how we should all live. And best of all the sales are helping the Therapy Huskies do their amazing work.

  23. Bernadette Grosse

    A beautifully produced book. The story is a delight. A really good story for introducing ideas about helping each other. Readers also learn a bit about the real Thunder and his work. As a teacher I would recommend it as a book to share with a class or group. Opportunities there for some great lesson plans for PSHE. Most importantly, it will help children enjoy stories, be kind to animals and each other.

  24. Georgina Golding

    Being the illustrator one might think I was biased to say how wonderful this book is, but I have got to say I LOVE the storyline, so am very grateful and thankful to be part of the Thunderworld journey and such a wonderful cause! To prove how great this book is my 5 & 6 year olds can’t put this book down! They love huskies- or as they call them ‘snow doggies’- they absorbed every bit of the storyline and were talking about it between each-other even as I said goodnight and turned the light out- but not before asking when the next one is coming out lol! Great story!

  25. Julie Phillips (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, love the illustrations, just need some little ones to read it to now 🙂

  26. David Ridge (verified owner)

    This is an impressive age appropriate children’s story that will capture the imaginations of both children and adults. The author’s love of dogs permeates through the story and leaves you with a warm feeling. Children will love it and no doubt will be chomping at the bit for the next adventure for Thunder. The use of words, descriptions and the wonderfully drawn illustrations brings this book to life. Can’t wait for the next one!

  27. Megan Hallows (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this book. Such a great story with a beautiful message about the importance of kindness. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  28. Chris Roe (verified owner)

    Well, I’m over 21 plus vat , my grandson is 22 so no immediate kiddies in the family, but this delightful little story book is something that will a treasure in my home. The illustrations appealing to all, the story line fullof respectful lessons and showing us hoomans we need to respect all equally. But my neighbours little girl (3) after reading the pictures is going to ask her Daddy why there little dog can’t make a cup of tea like Thunder, hey ho. Seriously this is a beautiful gift for anybody, Thank you and keep up all your great work xxxx

  29. Vera Illingworth (verified owner)

    Well what can I say, what a fabulous book about Thunder and his friends. I only ordered it yesterday and it came today and it didn’t disappoint. I dont have any young children so I bought it for myself as I love reading all about the therapyhuskies. The story would be great to read to young ones or for them to read themselves. It has fantastic, colourful pictures and a story that is also about caring and helping others. Love it, cant wait for the next one .

  30. Laura Burn (verified owner)

    A great book for any age. If you love dogs then this book is for you. The story is great and has many local places to Barnsley talked about and we cant forget the lovely Thunder. Portrays his real life mentality as the caring and loving dog with a hint of cheek. Great story, great colourful illustrations and all round FANTASTIC book! Our 3 and 7 year old loved it!!! *****

  31. Laura (verified owner)

    Fantastic book.. if you love dogs you definitely love this book.. my LG absolutely loves this books. She very excited for the next ones to come out.. she met thunder herself and adores him like she dose with her own dog.. would definitely recommend this book. 10/10 from us…

  32. Diessa Bird (verified owner)

    Fantastic book I brought two of these for my grandchildren for Xmas but I had to read it , It was brilliant its a great story , im looking forward to the nxt book , 10/10 , well done x

  33. Lesley Duerden

    What a fantastic book, I was engrossed as I could relate to all the places Thunder visited. Was very emotional with one part of the story but thats because of the ending. NOT giving the game away. Met the beautiful Thunder who introduced me to his brother and sister and mummy this morning and they are all very good. Thank you for the introduction Adrian and looking forward to the next book. Well worth the read. Xx

  34. Clare (verified owner)

    Loved the book, as did my 5 year old, so entertaining and the illustrations were brilliant. Will look forward to the next one. 😊

  35. Karen Smith (verified owner)

    What a beautifully written and illustrated book with a few little messages about kindness and being responsible. I bought it to share with my after school club children and having read it myself I know that they will love it. Cant wait till the next one is released. Thank you Adrian

  36. Sally Harris (verified owner)

    I bought this book for my friend’s daughters they are Husky mad!! They absolutely love it and there has been much discussion about how Thunder managed to autograph it with his paw print for them!!

  37. Maureen McCusker (verified owner)

    I have bought this book for Christmas for my great grandson, Isaac. I had a sneaky peak and it is awsome. The illustrations are amazing and the story is well thought out. However Thunder managed to paw print all those books I cannot imagine. Will look forward to purchasing the next book in the series

  38. Jacqueline Gulliver (verified owner)

    Wonderful story teaching children respect, empathy towards others and sound basic morals. A delightful book with colourful well illustrated pictures to captivate children. I bought two for my granddaughters.

  39. Linda Noble (verified owner)

    This is a great idea, but our 5 year old granddaughter lost interest.. She said the story was too long for her. We’re keeping the book.. It won’t date and she’ll no doubt enjoy it when she’s older

    • Adrian Ashworth (verified owner)

      Thanks Linda, It’s aimed at primary school ages, some will get it earlier than others, so anywhere between 5-12 plus we have some fabulous 70+ year olds that love it. One idea is to read it over a couple of nights if needed.

  40. Claire Bailey

    My 9 year old daughter absolutely loved the book! Beautiful illustrations and she was totally captivated by the story! What makes it even more special is she has actually met Thunder and knows what an amazing dog he is 🐾 can’t wait for the next book! X

  41. Hazel Rosetta Malik (verified owner)

    Wonderful Book Beautiful pics and the story is fab

  42. Becky Spearing

    This book just has it all! Colouring activities, life lessons of being kind and helping others, captivating illustrious and just an all round wonderful story. It really is a book that the whole family can enjoy and relate too. I know this will be my 5 year old’s chosen bedtime reading for a while! He had so many questions about Thunder and couldn’t believe he was actually real! Can’t wait for the second book now x

  43. Elizabeth Bowman (verified owner)

    Great book! Illustrations are gorgeous and the story lovely. Gooooooo Thunder.

  44. June Barnes

    I bought the book for myself as all my grandchildren are grown up now (I’m 82). It’s a beautiful book with lovely illustrations and an excellent, well written story with an important message about kindness and compassion. The colourful illustration’s are excellent and for children the colouring page and find the.bones bring added interest. Ala in all, a really lovely book. I am looking forward to the next one.

  45. Sarah

    I was gifted this book by the author for my niece and we both absolutely loved it, such a wonderful story to read and such a credit to the author. Thank you.

  46. Gemma

    A heartwarming children’s story which truly captures Thunder’s playful, kind and empathic nature. The illustrations are so colourful and beautifully drawn. I also enjoyed spotting all of the Yorkshire references! Thank you so much for the book Adrian and Thunder.

  47. Lucy Taylor

    A lovely book and was lucky enough to receive it in person due to living near the post office they were shipping from. My son and toddler loved the story. The illustrations are amazing and the story is so sweet. It’s great that local places and street names have been incorporated into the story as well as some wise advice in an understandable format for children. I cannot wait for the next book.

  48. Hazel Rosetta Malik (verified owner)

    My friends son loved the story looking forward to the next book.

  49. Steve Athey

    I bought this book for my niece, but decided to read it myself as I see Stormy, Thunder, Thor and Binny regularly coming to the post box or walking past my window and wanted to know what they get up to.
    This is a really nice children’s book, easy to read with a positive message about been kind to others and not judging a book by its cover, pardon the pun.
    It’s also infused with wonderful illustrations, I spent as much time looking at all the hidden detail in them as I did reading the book.
    This is an all round enjoyable book for children and adults alike and will be certainly buying the next in the series from Adrian and the Husky gang.

  50. Isobel sanders

    A lovely book full of fun and colourful illustrations, has lovely lessons behind the story for children to learn, read this to my friends nephew and he loved it! Lots of little Easter eggs within the book to make the reading more fun and interactive for the kids which he loved, would seriously recommend. Looking forward to other books from Adrian and his husky’s, it’ll be a great series x

  51. Esther Austin

    Im a Journalist and magazine Editor so when I found out I had the chance to read Thunder ad The Stray – I leapt at it. After speaking with Adrian and his passion and love for the Huskies, I wanted to go back into that childhood place inside of me as well, so he kindly sent me two copies, one for my grand-daughter and the other for me. That same night I had a bath and read the whole book. It felt like self indulgence as I became a child again, absorbed in the story of Thunder But more so, I recognised Adrian’s focus on strong ethical, morale anecdotes. That of good manners, looking out for each other, caring for each other and all those wonderful things that make humans good people. Not just a story book, but a code for living well and it’s enjoyable at the same time. It certainly took me out of my adult world for a while and is a great book for children, who can then connect with animals as well.

  52. Milly Johnson

    An absolutely charming story with lovely illustrations and activities throughout. Beautifully put together, it would make a wonderful gift for a child. And that the stars of the story are REAL gives the book an extra special dimension. Highly recommended.

  53. Dan Nicholson

    This is a wonderful book, my children aged 8, 6 and 4 all loved it. It’s a brilliant story full of great characters and illustrations and some good messages for us all! I thoroughly recommend it for all kids, big or small.

  54. lorraine solomon (verified owner)

    What a super book,lovely illustrations,and how sweet of Thunder to teach children how to be kind,and keep safe, my friends little boy will love it as much as I do

  55. Gemma

    What a fabulous book! My son loved meeting Thunder this week at school and has told me all about him. He received a copy of the book from school and we loved reading it together. We loved the beautiful illustrations and enjoyed finding all the bones. Thankyou for the amazing work you do.

  56. Nanny Adele (verified owner)

    Fabulous book. Using it in therapy sessions & had to post review by 11 year old…”10/10″, “brilliant book”, “love the writing and love the pictures”, “thunder looks just like his photo”, “I want one for myself so I can take it into school & share with my class”.
    Couldn’t resist using their words…with their permission.

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  1. 2021-07-23

    Hi what age of children are these books for please?

    Hi Nicky

    prmary school age but we encourage parents, guardians to read it to their children too, although 32 pages plus it can be read in 2 nights, we have a 9 year old in a school who reads it every night, he's memorised most if it now. The illustrations are brilliant and add to the story, we also have older peolple who love it especially if they have met Thunder in the fur.



  2. 2020-08-20

    Can you tell me what child age group this book is for. Thank you

    Hi Janet,

    thanks you for your enquiry

    the book(s) are suitable for primary school age, 5-12 years old, though we have many parents teachers who read it to 3 years and upwards. Likewise we have may mature people who read and love it as the most important factor is that Thunder is indeed real.

    many thanks